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Dr. Coralanne Griffith-Hunte

Dr. Coralanne Griffith-Hunte is a Human, Industrial & Trauma Psychologist. She’s the Founder and Chairwoman of Created for Greatness Leadership Group, Inc., a humanitarian consulting, training, and development organization. Dr. Griffith-Hunte has been recognized for her unique ability to establish authentic partnerships resulting in the building of better lives, businesses and communities within the United States and abroad.

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​Dr. Griffith-Hunte currently travels across the globe conducting a range of engaging evidence-based training and development programs. Dr. Griffith-Hunte is also a Professor at Mercy College and Senior Training and Development Facilitator for the Research Foundation of The City University of New York. In addition, Dr. Griffith-Hunte is a Senior Legislative Advisor, who works on a daily basis with key government officials and other organizations at the state, local and federal level to pass legislation favorable to the educational, human rights, mental health, anti-domestic violence, anti-human trafficking, anti-gang, community engagement and empowerment mission for New York State families.


In 2021, Dr. Griffith-Hunte was chosen to represent The United States of America and spoke in Switzerland at the Geneva Centre for Human Rights Advancement and Global Dialogue. In addition, Dr. Griffith-Hunte was selected to serve on the Queens Borough President’s Veterans, Elderly and Mental Health Committee. In 2020, Dr. Griffith-Hunte joined the United Nations 58th Commission for Social Development to end homelessness around the world. With collaborative efforts Dr. Griffith-Hunte assisted in developing the UN’s Resolution on Homelessness. ​


Dr. Griffith-Hunte was instrumental in advocating for the End Child Sex Trafficking Bill which was signed into legislation in 2018. In 2017, Dr. Griffith-Hunte was appointed as the Acting Executive Director of Anti-Human Trafficking & Domestic Violence for Not On My Watch faith-based organization acknowledged by the Governor of the State of New York.

Dr. Griffith-Hunte, is a proud member of the American Psychology Association, the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress and the National Center for Crisis Management. She is also the first Trauma Psychologist to serve on the New York Recovery Community Coalition and has served as a member of Senator James Sanders Economic and Marking committee. 


​In 2010, she was elected to govern over 60 schools and was the adviser to the Mayor and Chancellor of New York City. In addition, she was appointed as the educational and community representative for the President of the Borough of Queens for the late, Honorable Helen Marshall. Dr. Griffith-Hunte’s collaborative efforts with various professionals within the local, state and federal government, the police department, clergy members, community boards, health services professionals and financial institutions allows her to organize and execute organizational, community and school district programs, initiatives, and events with the purpose of exposing stakeholders (i.e., teams, communities, families) to strategies and resources available to them. 

Dr. Griffith-Hunte has over 25 years’ experience as an orator, educator, humanitarian, mentor, political & organizational consultant, advocate and playwright. It is with this extraordinary background that she utilizes her expertise as a Trauma Psychologist to volunteer and  mentor young women at the Department of Probation, organizations and Churches. Dr. Griffith-Hunte serves as an Executive Board Member and Curriculum Designer for UNITAS an international Anti-Human Trafficking organization and SilentCry an organization that provides a holistic approach to the treatment of incarcerated and formerly incarcerated individuals. Dr. Griffith-Hunte is also an Executive Board Member for several other public and private schools and organizations. 

Dr. Griffith-Hunte ascertained her degrees, certificates and trainging from attended and completing programs at Cornell University, Johns Hopkins University, Alfred University, Touro University, Arizona Trauma Institute International, American InterContinental University, Federal Emergency Management Agency(FEMA) and Nyack College. Dr. Griffith-Hunte is the recipient of copious public service, educational and religious organizational awards including the 2021 New York City’s Mayor’s Certificate for Public Service, the 2021 City Council’s Citation for Outstanding Citizenship and the 2021 Public Advocates Award for Promoting Human Rights and Mental Health. In addition, Dr. Griffith-Hunte received the 2021 Geneva Centre for Human Rights Advancement and Global Dialogue Award of Merit for her humanitarian work. ​


Dr. Griffith-Hunte was also acknowledged as and awarded the New York State Senate 2019 Woman of Distinction Award, the 2019 Humanitarian Award, Citation of Honor from the Office of the President of the Borough of Queens, New York and The Distinguished Alumni Award of 2014 and the Community Leader’s Award.


Dr. Griffith-Hunte has appeared on TEDx and she is one of the well-known and actively sought after public and motivational speakers. Dr. Griffith-Hunte has also appeared in well-known publications. In May of 2021, Dr. Griffith-Hunte was featured in Forbes Magazine for her expertise as a trauma psychologist and consultant on the effects of mass incarceration and post traumatic prison disorder.

In May of 2020, Dr. Griffith-Hunte was featured in Psychology Today Magazine as “The Tireless Advocate.” for her humanitarian work around the world. She was also featured in Honeysuckle Magazine for her work confronting trauma, sexual violence, and incest within the black community. Dr. Griffith-Hunte’s work has been published in Switzerland and the United States.

 Dr. Hunte is the creator of the A.T.T.  Model of life, which seeks to elevate individuals lives through an understanding of their purpose upon the earth. In 2014, Dr. Hunte was characterized as the walking representation of the Mahatma Gandhi quote, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

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